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Happy Hen
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Our Signature Fried Chicken day is moving to Wednesday's 

When: monday
Where: Hotline
Verde Fresh Latin Kitchen
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Verde opens the doors of our urban street cafés and brings the tastes, flavors, and smells of authentic Latin street food into your café. Guests can choose from hot and spicy braised meats, citrus braised pork and chicken, and vegetarian entrée options alongside various regional rice dishes, refried and smashed beans, and fresh salsas, guacamoles, and sauces made from scratch daily.

We’ve provided several station f​ormats so you can customize the Verde program to fit your particular operation, space, and client-specific needs.​

​Taco Tuesday's will now be featured as a main attraction on the hotline

When: Tuesday
Where: Hotline
BBQ to get you fired up!
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​The Smokehouse brings the tastes, flavors, and smells of regional American BBQ into your café! With the rising demand for a permanent BBQ solution, we felt that a station specific format with various menu options, station setups, and flavor profiles would drive innovation in the cafés along with retail sales.

The Smokehouse features classic regional sauces from the Midwest to the Deep South, plus a new line of smoker-based Webtrition recipes in addition to classic low-and-slow variations on pork, brisket, ribs, and chicken. We’ve provided several station formats that will allow you to customize The Smokehouse to fit your operation, space, and client-specific needs.​​​

Come and try our house smoked BBQ. Our pit master Chef Taylor Toombs has some delicious treats for y'all in the cafe.

When: Every Thursday
Where: Action Station