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​Famers Markets are a great place to find fresh, local produce at a reasonable cost. This also helps to support your local farmers and economy. 

Check Out These Local Farmer's Markets: 

Mac's Fresh Produce - 3251 Old Shell Rd

Big Charlies Produce - 2243 Halls Mill Rd

Ted & Nancy's Fruit Stand - 8751 Three Knotch Rd

Hicks Produce & Plants - 4008 Dauphin Island Pkwy
We Eat Live Do Well
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We Eat Live Do Well
The new
We Eat Live Do Well website is run by Envision
Group and was designed to provide our guests with reliable
wellness & sustainability information that promote well being for
people and the planet. Here are just some of the benefits you can find
on the site:

  • Recipes with nutrition info and Tasty style videos
  • Expert tips on personal wellness
  • Learn how to live more sustainably
  • Meet the team behind these initiatives

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